My dogs and cats love the whole sardines. :-)

CM – Santa Rosa, CA

Nora has had allergies and red, itchy skin for as long as I can remember. But since I've started her on a regiment of supplementing her diet with [Rara Avis] Healthy Powder and have switched from fish oil to the Ecopawz frozen fish, she has actually quit scratching!!! And her skin is now a healthy pink instead of inflamed red. You can't believe what a relief this is -- for both Nora and me. Thank you, thank you, [Rara Avis] and Ecopawz!

GS – San Francisco, CA

I just wanted to share how pleased I am with my EcoPawz order and that I am looking forward to ordering again.

AB – Tucson, AZ

The first thing people ask: "Is it really okay to feed fish?" I am so delighted to be able to suggest fish that I know are healthy and good for the animals. Thanks EcoPawz for your knowledge and expertise.

Pat McKay – Nevada

I would like to order some of your fabulous new treats [Wiley's Turkey and Chicken Bark]! Even the picky dogs ate them! You were work as of yet!

Retailer - San Diego, CA

Welcome to EcoPawz, home of Wiley's Treats and other heart healthy grinds and formulas for our favorite fury friends.

EcoPawz is a San Francisco based company dedicated to providing all natural delectable pet food products. We are committed to both pet nutrition and ensuring an environmentally responsible product. With over 25 years of food industry experience, we have developed a network of partnerships and processing methods that enable us to ensure a high quality product for your pet.

Inspired by our own pet and mascot, Wiley, our products are designed and produced to make your pet jump for joy when they see Wiley's face on the label.

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